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Meet Your Madison-Area Motorcycle Locksmith

A good motorcycle locksmith can be hard to find. But you’re in luck. You’ve found the best (and only) motorcycle locksmith in Madison. ACH is a motorcycle locksmith who’s fully insured and committed to providing friendly professional service with transparent pricing.

We come to you and cut and replace lost motorcycle keys on-site where you are. Our “workshop on wheels” is equipped with all the tools needed to rekey even the rarest, oldest, and trickiest of bikes. We stock a massive variety of key blanks so we can cut you any motorcycle key.

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Facing Lost

Facing a Lost Motorcycle Key?

Dealing with a lost motorcycle key? There’s no need to panic. In fact, you’re in good company. Motorcycle keys are small and get lost easily and often.

And in fact, we have great news for you. You don’t have to go to the dealership to get your keys replaced!

When struggling with a lost motorcycle key, most people think they HAVE to go to the dealership. But this is always the most expensive and time-consuming option. Most dealers won’t simply issue you a new key but will swap out your locks. That’s because not even dealers have the codes for most motorcycles.

Motorcycle Locksmith Services Are Unique

Motorcycle locksmithing is a specialized service. You have to be a real locksmith to be able to determine what the cuts are for a new motorcycle key. And most locksmiths don’t carry motorcycle key blanks.

ACH is a trained motorcycle locksmith who has the old-school knowledge, the tools, and the tricks of the trade to determine the key cuts and make keys on site. Whether you’re looking for motorcycle key replacement for your ignition, gas tank, or storage unit, we can deliver.

ACH is a fully trained locksmith and can do motorcycle key replacement for you right there on the spot!

I Bought a Used Bike With No Keys. Can You Help?

Yes, absolutely. If you’ve recently discovered or purchased an old “barn find” motorcycle, our service can get you up and rolling in no time. ACH can easily rekey the locks to work with a new set of keys. We’ll drive our van to where you are and cut you a new set of motorcycle keys right there while you wait.

Does ACH Do Motorcycle Lock Replacements and Repairs?

Yes. Metal expands and contracts over time as it heats up and cools down with the weather. This tends to weaken the metal, and over time cause a poor-fitting keyhole that needs to be replaced. Our workshop on wheels can drive out to wherever you are and repair or replace your lock on the spot.

My Motorcycle Key Is Stuck in the Ignition. Can You Help?

Yes, it’s something we’ve seen many times before as the ignition lock’s pins and wafers wear out. ACH has the tools and trade secrets to extract your key and rekey your ignition on-site while you wait.

Does ACH Service All Motorcycles and Scooters?

The answer is yes.

For older, rarer bikes finding the raw material (called blanks) to make the keys can be a challenge. Fortunately, ACH has invested in a huge variety of motorcycle key blanks and other locksmithing equipment, and we’re typically able to do motorcycle key replacement for you right there at the site of your bike.

We’re fully trained in all the ways to decode pins, program keys, and rekey and replace locks on all motorbikes and scooters. That includes the gas tank, storage box, and ignition keys.

ACH is standing by ready to assist with all of your motorcycle locksmithing needs, no matter which make or model of bike you have.

24-Hour Emergency Motorcycle Key Replacement

How our service works:
Fair Price

Fair Price for All Services

At ACH we pride ourselves on honest, transparent price and time estimates. You’ll be given a flat fee price over the phone before we arrive, with no “surprises” once we’re finished with your service.

Call and talk to Ron today for all motorcycle locksmith questions in the Madison general area, from Waunakee to Verona. ACH can help!

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