Residential Locksmith in Madison

Installation, Rekey, Repair – All Damage-Free at an Affordable Price
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Looking for a Residential Locksmith Service?

ACH Locksmith can handle all your home locksmithing needs. Whether those involve door lock repair, a duplicate key maker, electronic hardware installation, or 24-hour emergency lockout service, we’re a residential locksmith service you can rely on.
As a locally owned and operated small business, ACH is known to provide reliable residential locksmith service, by the owner himself. You can count on us to be professional, timely, and efficient every step of the way.

24hr Emergency Residential Lockout Service

Uh oh, you’re locked out of your house. We know it can be stressful, but there’s good news: ACH Residential Locksmith Service in Madison is here to help!

You can feel good about choosing us as your emergency residential locksmith because we understand the principle of old-school locksmithing. Less-skilled locksmiths will drill your locks out and change them as a first resort.

24hr Emergency

At ACH we take the time to pick the door lock, so we can avoid drilling. The owner Ron hates to drill and prides himself in the sport of lockpicking. We have the tools and training to get through the most difficult locks, even the ones with security pins.

Once your deadbolt is unlocked, we can “rekey” your lock. This means taking the core out of your lock and making it so a new key will work in your original hardware.

The cost of rekeying your locks is almost always cheaper than replacing a lock, and you’re guaranteed to keep the same look as your original property.

For immediate help call or text us now at 608-224-9254

Expert Door Lock Repair

There are plenty of reasons you might need your door lock repaired. Maybe the key’s stuck in your lock, or the lock feels flimsy and insecure. The lock itself might “stick” because it’s old, so you have trouble getting in and out of your home or office.

In the modern era, an increasingly common issue is failing electronic deadbolts. Electronic home locking systems often malfunction due to connectivity issues, programming issues, dead batteries, or physical damage.

No matter the door lock technology, ACH Residential Locksmith Service has the tools and know-how to get your door locks repaired and security restored to your home.

Mobile Duplicate Key Maker, Will Travel

Need a duplicate key maker that can come to you? Our workshop on wheels will travel to your location and cut you as many new keys as you need on-site. We’ll get you as many keys as you need, right there from the convenience of your driveway.

Mobile Duplicate Key

Lock Installation

Lock Installation
Whether you want a different look on your front door, or a different locking system altogether, we’re pros at installing both traditional metal locks and electronic deadbolts.

New Hardware Installation

Got 1970s Brass bright brass hardware in your house and want oil-rubbed bronze? ACH can get that switched out for you while showing the utmost respect for your property.

We’ll also have a chat to make sure you’re not installing new hardware when a simple rekeying will do.

Electronic Lock Installation in Madison

You want to add electronic locks on your doors or you just moved to a house. With an electronic deadbolt, you can put in your four or five-digit code and get in your house that way.

ACH’s residential locksmith service provides professional whole-home electronic lock installation you can rely on. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call to schedule an appointment. We make it easy and quick to restore your home’s security and sleep better at night.

How Our Service Works

We’re committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to being locked out. You can count on ACH to be professional, timely, efficient every step of the way.
Booking our service involves 3 steps:

Honest Price and Time Estimates

You shouldn’t have to be scammed, ripped off, or disrespected when you just need the basic service of having some locks changed or rekeyed. You should be able to find a good, respectable provider at a fair price. That’s where ACH comes in.

Our flat fee pricing means no unpleasant price “surprises” once we’re done with your job.

We may not be the cheapest (or most expensive), but we promise the best value for the money you spend on locksmithing services in Dane County.
Call and talk to Ron today for all residential locksmith questions in the Madison general area, from Waunakee to Verona. ACH can help!

For immediate help call or text us now at 608-224-9254