Tips for Hiring a Locksmith

Above all else find a local locksmith!

Many times when someone is locked out or they lose their keys they go on their phone and do a search needing someone right away. But what often happens is they get a listing of so called locksmiths but these "companies" are just national call centers that hire scabs to go out and do the work. Be VERY weary of "locksmiths" located in grocery and national hardware stores as these are just locations(non staffed kiosks) spread around an area to dominate the search results, calling the number you will find out that they are not local at all. These so called locksmiths have little training and only care about collecting as much money from the customer as they can. The national company also doesn't care because they get their money upfront.


Can’t stress this enough! Dont let any locksmith company tell you that their cost is some ridiculous low service call price of $19 or even $29! THEY are LYING and just trying to get you to commit. Once you commit they have you where they want you! The big national outfits are good at this, they quote a nice low initial price then when they arrive they tell you that your car is very hard to do or the key is very expensive or that the door lock you have needs to be replaced and is very rare, just tricks! A good local locksmith should be able to give you a rough idea of the expected cost just by talking with you on the phone.

Time estimate

Demand a reasonable time estimate. Again a legitimate locksmith will try to be as upfront with you as they can, they will tell you if they have calls infront of you and whether its going to be 2hrs or 30mins. The scammers as I like to call them tell EVERYONE that its going to be 30mins! Why because they want to hook you! They know if they actually told you 2-3hr that you would probably call someone else. A good locksmith will call you back and explain why they are running late and things do happen, traffic can happen, sometimes an easy 5min job can have complications but a legitimate company will call you and let you know so you can call someone else if you want or need to.

Company vehicle

Ask for a description of the vehicle that the person is driving and the technicians name and phone number. The vehicle should be a appropriately marked and the technician should be dressed in the uniform of the company you thought you were calling. If not be on the alert for a scammer.


Ask what type of training their techs have been to? Ask if insured. ACH Locksmith Madison has graduated from the American Locksmith Center Training in Ogden Utah and is fully insured.